Smoking Cessation Success Rates

95% 95% success rate of a “Stop Smoking In One Hour” technique
- Report by Michael O’Driscoll. 300 subjects followed up by telephone over a two year period. Although this was not considered a scientific clinical trial it does support the high success rates claimed for hypnotherapy as an effective method for stopping smoking.
94% 94% of 1000 people stop smoking with hypnotherapy for 18 months or more.
Von Dedenroth, T (1968) American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
88% Success with hypnotherapy based on one years’ follow up.
Kline, M.(1970) International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis
67% – 88% Published research findings by Watkins, Sanders and Crasilneck and Hall for Hypnotherapy.
60% Single session hypnosis using latest relaxation methods
30% Suggestion hypnosis only or just listening to cassette tapes.
29% Exercise and breathing therapy
25% Aversion therapy
24% Acupuncture
20% Nicotine patches + seeing a counsellor
10% Nicotine gum
6% Will power alone

The above table based on information in the book Stop Smoking in One Hour, by Valerie Austin : published by John Blake Publishing, and the New Scientist article of 31st October 1992